Pinite Staff Members

Schildos My name is Schildos. Within the community I mainly focus on the backend and tech side of things, while I will respond to most requests my busy life more often than not leads to a bit of a delayed response or a tad of rudeness. Active
Nerdlfe Active
Zwamdurkel Hi I'm Zwamdurkel or Zwam for short. I mainly focus on managing the backend and setting up servers. Apart from that, I'm just a casual Minecraft player that enjoys playing on servers. If you have questions about setting up a server, feel free to ask me! Active
dmf444 The resident Minecraft modder and bug fixer, dmf444 works on the server's Discord integration and help troubleshoot bugs that come up. He's responsible for GeiloUtils and ServerUtils, as well as a few older MC mods (Catwalks 4, Nuclear Control 2/World Control) and hang out playing modded MC. He's also a huge lego fan and fancies fancy pens. Active