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Pinite Gaming aims to bring lag-free, yet non-restricting servers for you and your friends to play on.

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Welcome to our community!

Pinite Gaming is a small group of friends, united around a love of Minecraft, who host a public server. Everyone knows that playing with others is way more fun than alone, so feel free to join us!

We host many different modpacks, as well as Vanilla server, on a rotating schedule. We normally switch packs monthly, but allow our community to decide when we change and what packs we use. Fret not, if you fall in love with a specific pack, we share the world download, so you can keep playing your favorites!

If you want to support our community, you can do so on patreon. Supporting Pinite Gaming means we can keep the servers on, the discord booming and the block a-mining!

Some of our servers

Catalyst 1.4.2

Whether you're an engineer, adventurer or architect, You can be sure that Catalyst has something for you!

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Vanilla 1.16.5

No mods, just plain old fun on the latest version. Enjoy the seed with many biomes and rare structeres close to spawn.

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A.C.P. N/A

The pride of our server. developed by long-term member Garion and perfectly balanced (as all things should be).

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Join our Discord server

Discord is the easiest way to stay up-to-date on the latest news regarding our servers. The community is very friendly and we don't mind talking about things unrelated to Pinite.

Some benefits of joining the server include:

  • Live announcements
  • Minecraft to Discord relay
  • Make new friends 🧡

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